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Using an FT232 BM Chip in an embedded system and a Linux OS
An easy way for communication in C language or in TCL

Ok, you might face the following:

You have a hardware (e.g. an embedded system) using the FT232 chip from ftdichip and want to communicate with it under a Linux OS (BSD, UNIX ...).

In your hardware you are using asynchronous rs232 8-Bit transfer and now you want to make it working with linux. Lets say you want to transfer and recieve a byte from your hardware within a C-language program. In this case you are facing the same problem I had. The solution is so simple I hardly don't dare to publish it here, but as I had "some" problems with it, I do nevertheless.

Another way to do this, is to use TCL

You need

If you have these, look here for the C-language source.

Or if you have a TCL shell running and want to use TCL, look here.

Good luck!

Michael Schuster

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