Our programming environment for the EibPC²

EibStudio 4

All-in-one solution to manage projects, edit logics and visualization, write programs and debug

Manage projects

Project directory

Weather your domestic project or hundreds of customers - projects are stored in a central directory.

Export all relevant data into a single file for archiving, share or in case of a support request.

Share between projects

Especially for commercial use where the same visualization or functionality fit for multiple customers, shared visualization templates or macro libraries help to save time, money and prevent from errors.

Using a visualization template also copies selected group objects. If multiple ETS projects use identical group addresses, no manual adaption is required after instantiation and creating a visualization is done within minutes.

Commissioning (german only)

This video shows the first steps with Enertex® EibStudio 4. Open a connection to your EibPC², import an ETS project and add a small visualization and logic. Learn where you find help on the elements and where to find the manual.

Visu (german only)

Part 1

Add your first pages and elements.

Part 2

Insert predefined functions (timer, room controller, blinds) and templates (keycode, weather page, Hue, Sonos, KNX PowerSupply 960², KNX SmartMeter).

Part 3

Learn how to connect Visu elements with Logic.

Debugger and group monitor (german only)

Learn how to use the debugger and group monitor. In Logic, each node status can be fetched and changed at run-time. Use the group monitor to store and load telegram logs.

Logic (german only)

Part 1

Learn how to insert nodes and objects by an automatic staircase light.

Part 2

Add a lock object to your staircase automation which is preserved across device restarts and which can be requested by other KNX devices.

Part 3

Step-by-step introduction how to send an e-mail and a telegram message based on an arbitrary condition.

Integrate preconfigured ETS devices (german only)

Learn how to export your integrated ETS example projects containing preconfigured devices. Import them into your ETS project preserving group addresses and add our visualization templates to your EibStudio project.