Network protection and more:

Enertex® ENA²

Secure remote access, network protection and telegram logger

without Cloud

VPN access

Remote access without Cloud

Protected Network

Protection for your KNX installation


Automatic recording of all KNX telegrams

Remote access

Without Cloud: OpenVPN server on the device

End-to-end encrypted connection between mobile device and ENA²

Restrict users access

Controllable via KNX group telegrams

Free client software for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS

VPN "on demand": automatically connect to your network (iOS-only)

Integrated free DynDNS service

Recent security standards and well-known and trusted VPN software

Relay server

Free to use, 5 GB traffic per month

No local Internet router configuration required (no port-forwarding)

Remote access for IPv4/IPv6/DS-Lite

Forwards end-to-end encrypted VPN data

Does not reduce level of security of your VPN connection

Optional. Direct VPN connection can also be used without restictions

Protected Network

Protect your building automation against unintended access, e.g., by your IoT devices

Separate physical ethernet interfaces for your main and protected networks

Control forwarding and filtering

Firewall and DHCP server

Optional. Network interfaces can alternatively work as switch

KNX Telegramlogger

Records all KNX telegrams in internal database

~ 100.000.000 telegrams (depends on data type)

Import ETS project for data type, topology and device information

Easy to query and analyze telegrams on ENA² webserver

Show time-value charts, e.g. per hour, per day

Identify configuration errors, e.g., read requests without response

Intuitive configuration

Use your Webbrowser to configure everything directly on the device

Protected by HTTPS


Permissions and notifications configured per-user

Allow or restrict access to telegramlogger and VPN

Select user notifications

Online firmware update or manual installation of firmware file

Responsive design - configure ENA² with your Smartphone or Tablet


ARM processor for industrial applications

512 MB DDR3L memory

Integrated KNX bus interface

Powered by KNX bus

Power consumption 1.8 Watts (typical workload)

Additional KNX IP interface for ETS

Display showing device parameters

Two RJ45 ethernet interfaces

DIN rail mount (4 SU)