Enertex® ENA²

Secure remote access, network protection and telegram logger, DIN rail mount (4 SU), bus powered

Enertex® ENA²

Order number: 1170


  • Secure remote access for your local network – Cloud-free End-to-end encrypted connection between mobile device and ENA²
  • Forward remote access via Enertex relay server to connect to your local network, works with any internet provider (IPv4, IPv6, DS-Lite), no local router configuration required (optional)
  • Guided browser-based configuration on device
  • Easy-to-use user management
  • Integrated free DynDNS service
  • Integrated OpenVPN server
    • Restrict users access
    • Controllable via KNX group telegrams
    • Free client software for common operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS)
    • VPN "on demand": automatically connect to your network (iOS-only)
  • „Protected Network“
    • Separate physical ethernet interfaces for your main and protected networks
    • Control forwarding and filtering
    • Firewall and DHCP server
  • Recent security standards and well-known and trusted VPN software
  • KNX Telegramlogger
    • Records all KNX telegrams in internal database (~ 100.000.000 tel., depends on data type)
    • Import ETS project for data type, topology and device information Easy to query and analyze telegrams on ENA² webserver
    • Show time-value charts, e.g. per hour, per day
    • Identify configuration errors, e.g., read requests without response
  • DIN rail mount (4 SU)
  • Powered by integrated bus interface
  • Power consumption 1.8 W (typical workload)

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ZIP Firmware 1.013, 13.03.2024
PDF User Manual 18.01.2024

WWW Video tutorials german only
PDF Flyer 22.03.2022