Enertex® KNX IP Secure Router

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The Enertex® KNX IP Secure Router (2 SU) is the central component of KNX systems in order to make sure, that IP communication scales up to the maximum possible security. The device authenticates and encrypts KNX and IP telegrams. An potential IP attack, e.g. from outside (Internet) or inside (Intranet) does not see the real contents of KNX-IP telegrams. Telegram rate limitation, max. telegram lengths up to 248 bytes and bus performance up to 49 telegrams per second optimize the use of logics and visualizations. The OLED display simplifies the diagnosis. The topology error detection and the temporary filter deactivation facilitate commissioning diagnostics.

Using an additional application, the time synchronized by NTP can be transmitted as a bus telegram. The time is buffered for up to 36 hours in the event of a power failure, so that the bus time is also immediately available when power is restored. In addition, the application offers the "Mapper". This enables the connection from Unsecure to secure group addresses. This allows new Secure devices to be connected to older devices in modern systems.