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Enertex® AluRa

Enertex® AluRa

Enertex® AluRa

The high-quality aluminium frame Enertex® AluRa for switches and sockets fits perfectly with our room controllers MeTa® KNX and SynOhr® MultiSense KNX.

The room controller MeTa® has a built-in binary switching contact. With that any external standard switch (e.g. for 230V) can be combined with the frame to a fully KNX switch. The combination of our frames and room controllers gives the electrical installation exclusivity and elegance.

Enertex® AluRa is available in 3 versions and each in 3 color options - brushed aluminium, matte black anodized aluminium and glossy white powder-coated (RAL9010) aluminium:

  • Enertex® AluRa single frame
  • Enertex® AluRa double frame
  • Enertex® AluRa triple frame
    • High quality anodized aluminum frame
    • Fits with 55 mm inserts from Jung Serie AS
    • Fits with 55 mm inserts from Gira Standard 55
    • Fits with 55 mm inserts from Hager Zentraleinsätze WY