Enertex® ProxyTouch  KNX

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The Enertex® ProxyTouch KNX is a capacitive touch sensor, which can be mounted behind surfaces as ceramics, wood and glass. It has three sensor panels in a plastic housing with a size of 210x140x11 mm and is impermeable to splash-water. If you touch a tile e.g., with the device mounted at it’s back on the specified sensor panel (A, B or C) the device will send a telegram to the bus. The sensors can be addressed together, individually or by wiping gestures. All sensor panels can also be addressed by double-click. Optionally, the device can give an acoustic feedback, which has a different tone pitch according to the triggered sensor panel (A = high, B = medium, C = deep). If the device is in programming mode a red LED is visible and a dialing tone is audible. In the cleaning mode a tone can be activated optionally, which notifies the device’s lock. It’s recommended to approach to the device fast, because the sensors react to capacitive changes. The maximum thickness of the surface material is 25 mm for ceramics or glass and 20 mm for wood. The ProxyTouch KNX is bus powered only.