Enertex® EibPC² inkl. Option NP

Logic machine and visualization for the KNX Bus, DIN rail mount (4 SU), bus powered, integrated IP-Interface

Enertex® EibPC² inkl. Option NP

Order number: 1159-01


  • Hardware:
    • DIN rail mount, 4 SU
    • ARM processor for industrial applications, 8 GB flash memory
    • OLED display shows device parameters, e.g., IP-Address
    • Integrated KNX TP interface
    • Bus-powered, no additional power supply required
    • Power consumption 1.8 W (typical workload)
    • Ethernet switch with two RJ45 jacks
  • KNX features:
    • up to 65.000 objects
    • Scenes, timers, schedules, logic machine, presence simulation, long-term recordingof telegrams, export telegrams on FTP server
    • KNX IP Interface to program other devices using ETS
  • Network features:
    • Responsive web visualization (http, https)
    • Doorbird video doorbell: ring, camera and intercom in visualization
    • Modbus TCP Master, Slave (e.g., for PV inverter, solar batteries)
    • Easy integration of http(s) Web-APIs (REST)
    • MQTT Broker, Client to integrate IoT devices (e.g., Shelly)
    • Control Keba EV charger, PV surplus charging
    • Online weather forecast
    • OpenVPN server, TCP/UDP, e-mail and Telegram notifications
  • Enertex® EibStudio:
    • Free configuration tool for Windows, Linux, macOS
    • Visual editor for logic and visualization
    • Debugger, group monitor
    • Code-based programming with more than 1200 ready-to-use Macros for typical tasks like heating and cooling, shading, lighting
  • Import projects created with the successful Enertex® EibPC

Downloads Downloads

Please install the most recent firmware to use all functions of EibStudio.

ZIP EibStudio Windows 5.113, 26.04.2024 - Windows 10/Windows 11 64-Bit
GZ EibStudio Linux 5.113, 26.04.2024 - 64 Bit
ZIP EibStudio Mac 5.113, 26.04.2024 - 64 Bit, Mac OSX
PDF User Manual 20.12.2023
ZIP Firmware 5.111, 26.04.2024
ZIP Firmware 4.112 (Downgrade from 5.xxx possible)

WWW EibStudio Video tutorials german only
WWW Visualization Demo
PDF Flyer 22.04.2024