Electronics Development

We develop and produce industrial electronics. We have laboratories and equipment for in-house prototyping and small series production.

Our Equipment cover:

  • Instruments for PCB-rapid-prototyping
  • Professional rework stations for soldering to 0.2 mm (ultra fine pitch)
  • EMC measuring station for pre-compliance checks
  • Comprehensive electronic equipment: oscilloscopes HF-measuring equipment (up to 6GHz), arbitrary signal generators

Embedded Systems

We offer

  • Circuit Design
  • Layout and routing
  • Programming of embedded systems
  • Complete services starting from circuit design ending with series production in house

We always consider the standards, which are valid for the respective environment of the application. That is a very important part of the quality management especially for our customers in the medical and automation technology.


For small and customized solutions we recommend  8-Bit and 16-Bit microprocessor systems.

In case of a new development we advise our customers with our experience. A common way is to use RISC controllers. This is a very fast architecture at relatively low costs and is most adequate for motor controllers, supervision systems and measurement systems for small-signal applications.

Additionally we develop on embedded Linux platforms, such as ARM9-based boards: All development tools are available in-house. Software like TCP/IP Server and Clients, remote logins are highly tested and available. Hardware such as USB Sticks, hard discs etc. can be easily added to those systems. All services are offered in-house, starting from circuit design ending with production.

DSP Systems

For signal processing applications we usually apply high-performance 32-Bit floating point or fixed point processors (Texas Instruments®, Analog Devices®). The design, the routing, the production of the prototype and the programming of the DSP is completely performed in-house.

We have experience in circuit design, with developer kits for DSPs and in algorithmic for signal processing. This is an ideal combination for signal processing.

FPGA Systems

We offer our customers the planning, the routing and the programming of of FPGAs and CPLDs even for complex multilayer systems. Of course, we also offer the complete development in-house to minimize our development periods. In order to program state machines we use VHDL as programming language.

Circuit Design


Even if analog circuit design is no longer in the main focus of electronic development, there is still a need of excellent knowledge of the analogous systems. We offer signal conditioning and can prove our experience with a long list of content customers and successful projects covering a wide spectrum of topics: From galvanic and analogous isolation of high and low frequency signals to extremely low-noise DC/DC converters and amplifiers for high accurate measurement applications. Thereby the cost-efficiency and the technical feasibility is always in the center of our development.

Medical Technology

Medical and healthcare products are subject to special standards. As we develop for more than 7 years for those customers, we are familiar with all necessary standards and development processes.

For medical applications we can provide beside usual analog and digital industrial electronic products many customized components as reference. We also offer complete solutions for user-interfaces like consoles and joysticks.


Beside standard hardware a main focus is the development of analog circuits and X-ray applications.


RFID – RF Technology

We have a lot of experience with electromagnetic field simulation. As a consequence we can use our deep understanding in this domain for development of RF circuits. In RFID technology for RF and Microwave (868 to 2450 MHz) we have developed reference designs. We are experts in this high end sector.

Professional Prototyping for Industrial Models and Exhibits equipped with Electronics, Mechanics and Lights

We offer our customers project planing, construction and engineering for industrial modeling.


The cooperation can be started at any project phase.

  • If you have already a model, we can import this project directly and transfer it into the fabrication. Therefore, a high-end 5-axis milling machine is available, which can produce the all parts of the model.

Models with Automation and Electronics

Our aim is to present your exhibit perfectly.

  • It is often intended to use exhibits as an "eye catcher" at an exposition. With help of our computer based motor activity each exhibit is enormously enhanced.
  • We offer the realization of fully working, moving and visionary exhibits. We can additionally equip your exhibit with multimedia components. (Study Siemens CT) Siemens CT Studie
  • We develop customized control and automation components with e.g. an USB or Ethernet port for controlling of the exhibit per PC software. Therefore models and exhibits are not restricted. We can even work out design components and test their suitability.

Models with Light Effects

Lights of an exhibit can make an eye catcher out of it. We can give you the right light for any purpose:

  • Ultrabrigth LED with maximum of light emissionand minimum losses
  • RGB LED for simple colorizing
  • Microelectronics-controlled light systems with arbitrary color effect