Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960²

KNX Power Supply, 960 mA, DIN rail mount (6 SU)


Enertex® KNX PowerSupply 960²

Order number: 1152-2


  • KNX Power Supply Unit with integrated choke
  • Output current: 960 mA
  • Additional 30 V, 600 mA auxiliary voltage output (AUX)
  • Voltage input: 230 V AC (50Hz)
  • LEDs for operation, bus reset and programming mode
  • Integrated bus-connector with voltage and current measurement
  • Remote reset function: Initiate a bus reset with a KNX group address via software
  • Integrated KNX real-time clock with group address for clock and date - power-failure buffered (max. duration about 2.5 days)
  • 8 full timers with up to 32 switching times for max. 32 group addresses including comprehensive logic functions, holiday calendar and astro-function
  • Measurement output of voltage, current, power, telegram load, bus power failures, AUX current and internal device temperature at KNX bus via group objects
  • Display with indication of the measured data from KNX bus
  • Maximum current with time and date indicated directly on the display
  • Bus telegram for exceeding or falling below parameterized limit values
  • Energy meter for energy consumption on the KNX bus
  • Configurable C14 text messages for bus status

Downloads Downloads

ETS application and firmware update are only compatible with KNX PowerSupply 960² (serial numbers 00-a6-11-xx-xx-xx)

ZIP ETS Product 1.006, 27.08.2020
ZIP Firmware 2.013, 02.11.2020 (→ Update Tool)
PDF User Manual 13.03.2019