Enertex® KNX IP Secure Interface

The Enertex® KNX IP Secure Interface (2SU) authenticates and encrypts KNX and IP telegrams.

Enertex® KNX IP Secure Interface

Order number: 1168


  • KNX IP Secure Tunnelling
  • Maximum performance: Tunnelling: 49 telegrams per second
  • Up to eight encrypted or unencrypted KNX UDP and TCP tunnel connections
  • Integrated OLED display shows important device parameters
  • Powered directly from KNX bus
  • DIN rail mount (2 SU)
  • telegram rate limitation, telegram length with up to 248 Bytes (TP)
  • Support of UDP connections with longer reponse time (1..8 s)
  • Buffered real-time clock and SNTP server
  • Parameterization and diagnostics functions with telnet interface
  • Display the bus voltage in OLED and Telnet
  • Time server for the KNX bus with 36 hours power reserve
  • Mapper for bidirectional translation from secure to plain group communication

Downloads Downloads

ZIP ETS Product 1.001, 27.08.2020 - ETS 5
ZIP ETS Product (additional application): Timeserver, Secure Mapper 1.005, 07.08.2020 - ETS 5
ZIP Firmware 2.001, 22.02.2023 (→ Update Tool)
PDF User Manual 25.03.2019
PDF User Manual - for additional application 23.06.2020
PDF Flyer 09.03.2020