Enertex® KNX TP Secure Coupler

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The KNX TP Secure Coupler (2 TE) enables the coupling of standard and secure TP lines via a TP backbone.

Setup is carried out either via standard KNX data communication or secure commissioning via Data Secure. Telegram rate limitation, max. telegram lengths of up to 248 bytes and bus performance of up to 49 telegrams per second optimise the use of modern KNX systems. In addition to important operating parameters such as bus voltage and current consumption, an OLED display also shows routed telegrams with sender and destination addresses. Topology error detection and temporary filter deactivation facilitate commissioning diagnostics. Flexible group address filters for each of the 32 main groups for main and subline are easily parameterizable.

  • KNX TP Secure Routing
  • Maximum routing performance 49 telegrams per second
  • Secure commissioning with KNX Data Secure
  • Integrated OLED display shows important device parameters
  • Powered directly from KNX bus
  • DIN rail mount (2 SU)
  • Repeater, line, area coupler
  • telegram rate limitation
  • block device programming over TP from main or subline
  • Temporally disabling filtering function for commissioning diagnostics
  • Detection of errors of topology
  • Up to 62 group address filter
  • Display the bus voltage of main and subline at OLED
  • Typ. 7.5 mA current consumption sub line, 0.5 mA main line
  • line/area coupler
  • buffering of up to 1024 telegrams for each of the two lines
  • telegram length with upto 248 Bytes (TP)
KNX TP Secure Coupler
ZIP KNX TP Secure Coupler ETS Product v1.007, 31.07.2020 - ETS 5
ZIP KNX TP Secure Coupler Firmware v2.002, 31.07.2023 (→ Update Tool)
PDF KNX TP Secure Coupler User Manual 02.10.2020
PDF KNX TP Secure Coupler Flyer 09.03.2020
PDF KNX TP Secure Coupler Tender texts 13.03.2024