Enertex® KNX SmartMeter 85A

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Measurement from 2 mA to 85 A, DIN rail mount (4 SU), operation only via KNX bus
The KNX SmartMeter (4 SU) is a bidirectional meter for measurement of active and reactive energy and for monitoring power supply quality. Calibrated current sensors supplied enable measurements with accuracy class 1 (1%).
  • 3-phase bidirectional counter for measuring active and reactive power
  • Energy meter of accuracy class 1 (1% for active and reactive energy)
  • Lossless current measurement via included, calibrated external current sensors
  • Current sensors for a measurement range from 2 mA to 85 A per phase and power between 0.5 W and 58 kW
  • Measures: Active and reactive power, active and reactive energy, voltage, current, power factor, unbalanced load, zero system current, THD, harmonics
  • Output of all counter readings and measured values at KNX bus via group objects
  • Recording of all measured values on microSD card in standard csv format with time stamp
  • Special energy meters for supervision of solar collectors (balance, generation and consumption meter)
  • Condition monitoring function: Indication of overload overvoltage, power failure, voltage distortion, current distortion, unbalanced load, zero system current
KNX SmartMeter 85A
ZIP KNX SmartMeter 85A ETS Product v1.009, 27.08.2020
ZIP KNX SmartMeter 85A Firmware v1.010, 17.11.2020 (→ Update Tool)
ZIP KNX SmartMeter 85A DSP Update v1.020, 22.02.2024
ZIP KNX SmartMeter 85A DSP Update for 230V IT systems v1.020, 22.02.2024
PDF KNX SmartMeter 85A User Manual 27.06.2023
PDF KNX SmartMeter 85A Flyer 29.03.2019
PDF KNX SmartMeter 85A Tender texts 13.03.2024