Enertex® ProxyTouch KNX

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Capacitive touch sensor, up to six switching operations, 210x140x11 mm
The Enertex® ProxyTouch KNX is a capacitive touch sensor with up to six switching operations, which can be mounted behind surfaces as ceramics, wood and glass.
  • Capacitive touch sensor (ideal for ceramics, wood, glass) for up to 25 mm material thickness
  • Three sensor panels provide one-click, double-click and wiping-gesture operations (with customizable acoustic feedback)
  • Sensor panels can be used as one big panel
  • Up to six switching operations
  • Plastic housing (210x140x11 mm), robust against splashing water
  • Cleaning mode (acoustic feedback optional)
  • Reset time programmable by switching timer
  • KNX bus powered only
ProxyTouch KNX
ZIP ProxyTouch KNX ETS Product v1.007, 27.08.2020
ZIP ProxyTouch KNX Firmware v1.005, 17.06.2016 (→ Update Tool)
PDF ProxyTouch KNX User Manual 11.04.2018
PDF ProxyTouch KNX Flyer 20.11.2015
PDF ProxyTouch KNX Tender texts 13.03.2024