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KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A for DIN rail mount or ceiling mount

Enertex® KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A

The Enertex® KNX 4 channel LED dim sequencer 5A is a pulse-width modulated dimmer for LED strips, LED spotlights and LED lights for constant input voltage 12 – 24 VDC.

The dimmer is available in two variants: for installation for ceiling mount (DK) and as a DIN rail device (4 SU).

The performance and features of the dimmer are trend-setting:
It's able to drive 5 A per channel – that is a sum of 480 Watt dimming power or 120 Watt for each channel for 24 V LEDs. The Enertex® KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A (DK) complies with the lighting and furniture label (DIN 57710 Teil 14). Additionally, there is a 16 A relay with two timers integrated. This enables to turn on / off the LED power supply if required to minimize the standby losses of the power supply. For the power supply of pulse-width-modulated LED we recommend our LED power supply PS160 (LINK). This makes a wiring of DIN RAIL devices with a cable length up to 50m possible. Up to three power supplies can be set in parallel to use the dimmer's full power capacity.

  • Four channels, pulse-witdh modulated, max. 5 A for each channel
  • NEW Optimal load balancing of the channels within one PWM period allows, among other things, efficient operation of Tunable White lamps and reduces the switching load of connected LED power supplies
  • Variable voltage in- and output 12 to 24 V
  • Integrated bistable 230 VAC relay 16 A, Inrush 165A@20ms, 800A@200µs
  • Integrated protection functions for: overload, short circuit, under voltage, over temperature, reverse voltage protection
  • Tactile switch for easy testing of the wiring
  • Accessible in RGB or HSV color space
  • Four different dimming characteristics for optimized adaption to LED module and smooth dimming over the complete color space
  • Automatic relay switching (on/off) with two parameterizable blocking times
  • Dimmer and sequencer, scenes and bit-scenes
  • 16 predefined sequences and 5 freely configurable sequences
  • Channels can be freely configured to:
    • 4x separate channels
    • 2x warm/cold white channels
    • 1x warm/cold white channel, 2x separate channels
    • 1x RGBW channel
    • 1x RGB channel, 1x separate channel
  • Monitoring of the protection functions with KNX communication objects
  • Adjustable PWM: 488 or 600 Hz
  • Ceiling mount version (DK) – Lighting and furniture label (DIN 57710 Teil 14)
  • REG version – easy DIN rail mounting (4 SU)