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Requested Products

Control / Visualization
1159-01 EibPC² NP
1159-02 EibPC²
System Devices / Actuators
1160-REG KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A REG (Discontinued)
1160-DK KNX 4Kanal LED Dimmsequenzer 5A DK (Discontinued)
1170 ENA² NEW
1157-03-al MeTa KNX Starter Alu
1157-03-sw MeTa KNX Starter black
1157-03-ws MeTa KNX Starter white
1157-03-gold MeTa KNX Starter Gold
1157-02-al MeTa KNX Standard Alu
1157-02-sw MeTa KNX Standard black
1157-02-ws MeTa KNX Standard white
1157-02-gold MeTa KNX Standard Gold
1157-01-al MeTa KNX Premium Alu
1157-01-sw MeTa KNX Premium black
1157-01-ws MeTa KNX Premium white
1157-01-gold MeTa KNX Premium Gold
Cover Frame
1162-1-al AluRa 1-fach Alu
1162-1-sw AluRa 1-fach black
1162-1-ws AluRa 1-fach white
1162-2-al AluRa 2-fach Alu
1162-2-sw AluRa 2-fach black
1162-2-ws AluRa 2-fach white
1162-3-al AluRa 3-fach Alu
1162-3-sw AluRa 3-fach black
1162-3-ws AluRa 3-fach white
Other Devices